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Drop-off and Collection Policy

Drop-off & Collection of Swimmers

The safety and well-being of each swimmer is the Club’s priority. Both coaches and parents have a role to play in ensuring the welfare of swimmers and we need a working partnership to keep your children safe. With this in mind, the respective responsibilities of parents and coaches are set out below and guidance provided to help keep our swimmers safe.


This policy applies to both teaching and competitive sections of the Club.


Parents of all swimmers under the age of 14 should accompany their children into the pool facility to ensure they arrive safely and go straight into the changing rooms. This is particularly important at early morning training sessions. Where parents of swimmers aged 12 and 13 choose not to stay to watch the session (see below), they should ensure their swimmer is on poolside where a coach is present before leaving the complex.


Coaches responsibility starts poolside at the beginning of the session. If the coach is not yet poolside, then the swimmer should wait at the entrance of the pool or in the changing rooms until the coach arrives. Parents should not leave the building until the coach and swimmers are poolside. 


If a swimmer is late and arrives after the session has started, then the coach may use their discretion to not allow the swimmer to enter the pool and join the session.


We understand that on occasion parents may choose to delegate the responsibility for accompanying under ​14s to older siblings.

During Sessions

Swimmers aged 11 and under are expected to have a parent or other nominated responsible adult present at the pool facility for the duration of their session. Not only is this in the interest of the welfare of the children in the event that they become ill or distressed, but also allows parents to support their swimmers as they learn to swim or develop their skills.


It is recommended that parents of swimmers aged 12 to 13 also remain present during the session to support their children. 


The coaches are responsible for swimmers when they are on poolside, where they will ensure their safety and welfare. Beyond the poolside, responsibility for swimmers’ safety and welfare lies with parents.


Parents of all swimmers under the age of 14 should collect their child from inside the pool facility. Parents are expected to arrive at the time the session finishes rather than when they think their swimmer will be ready so that they can assume responsibility for their child on leaving poolside. It is parents’ responsibility to ensure that they arrive promptly to ensure their children are not left unsupervised.


We understand that on occasion parents may choose to delegate the responsibility for accompanying under 14s to older siblings.


If a child has to get out of the session early due to illness or injury, they will be asked to remain on poolside until their parent arrives. If a session finishes early, coaches will supervise the children until the published session finish time.


If parents are not staying during training sessions, they should make sure they are contactable by phone.


It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the Club has up to date contact numbers in case of an emergency or for use in situations such as these.

Policy For The Late Collection Of Swimmers

Where a parent is unavoidably delayed and knows they will not be able to arrive on time to collect their swimmer, they should arrange for an alternative nominated responsible adult to do so or to remain with the swimmer until they can be collected.


Where no notice has been given of late collection and the coaches are aware that a swimmer remains uncollected, they will use the emergency contact details provided.  Swimmers under the age of 14, if not collected, should not leave the building unsupervised.



Parents are asked to make their children aware of this policy.


In line with Swim England’s guidance, persistent failure to collect a child on time will be referred to the Club’s Welfare Officer.

Questions Or Concerns

If there are any questions regarding the above guidelines, please contact the Welfare Officer: welfare@blythebarracudas.com

12th December 2018


181212 Drop Off and Collection Policy.pdf