Sep 032012

Welcome back swimmers if you are just returning from your holidays. The Barracudas are  returning to normal training sessions for which details can be found here and on the Google calendar on the right hand side of every page.

We are always ready to welcome swimmers who want to return to, or try out competitive swimming for the first time:

If you haven’t tried our approach to training, we ‘d love you to have a go. Just use the new members link here to request a short trial during one of our sessions, we’re not looking for polished swimmers, just that you are safe in the water and keen to enjoy your swimming more! We operate a flexible system allowing you to fit in the number of sessions that suits you. There are further details on how the club operates here, and of course you can discuss your next steps with our coaches and committee members on poolside.

Feb 262012

The updated session timetable is available here, and via the training  button at the top of this page. The  main change is that Saturday’s training sessions have been modified. (and timings further corrected on 26/2/2012)

If you would like to increase the number of sessions you attend each week please contact Sue Hurdman on .

Our aim is to offer a family-friendly training schedule that provides quality coaching to maximise every swimmer’s potential.

Please let the committee know if you have any suggestions for making the schedule more effective.