Feb 262012

The updated session timetable is available here, and via the training  button at the top of this page. The  main change is that Saturday’s training sessions have been modified. (and timings further corrected on 26/2/2012)

If you would like to increase the number of sessions you attend each week please contact Sue Hurdman on new_members@blythebarracudas.com .

Our aim is to offer a family-friendly training schedule that provides quality coaching to maximise every swimmer’s potential.

Please let the committee know if you have any suggestions for making the schedule more effective.

Feb 052012

Despite the falling snow outside, Blythe showed real commitment to swimming across all age categories. The Coventry & district relay gala provided 8 swimmers from each age category the chance to show relay skills in coventry’s 50m pool. Well done to all swimmers, plus the team management, poolside, coaching, judging and timekeeping teams to keep it all going in such difficult circumstances.